This scenario was developed by Evan Peck (Bucknell University). Parts of the instructions and exercise were created by Vinesh Kannan (Mimir HQ

  • Course: CS 1
  • Language: Python
  • Practice: conditionals, use of API and objects
  • Approx. Time: 1-2 hours for individual, longer if group prioritization is done

Scenario: Robotoni’s Disaster-Relief Robot

You are working for an emerging robotics company, Robotoni, that is taking the admiral stance of developing robots to aid in life-threatening events. Their current objective is to build a fleet of autonomous robots that will rescue people in who are caught in two natural disasters: wildfires and floods.

Robotoni has already built a robot that can navigate unknown terrain and successfully rescue people who are in need of help. However, for Robotoni robots to act autonomously and maximize their impact, they must also make hard decisions. In effect, the Robotoni robot must prioritize who to save.

Your job is to write a comparison algorithm for the Robotoni Disaster-Relief Robot in which it compares two groups of people and decides which group to prioritize for relief.


Note: This assignment can either follow Ethical Engine 1 or act as a standalone assignment.

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